Also see (http://www.chemistry.fudan.edu.cn/Data/View/1033).

Recent News

# Our mechanistic study on NosN by using allyl-SAM has been published in Angewandte Chemie (See this paper). Congrats to Xinjian and all (2018-4-4).

 # Our study on the TE-mediated teixobactin synthesis has been published in Journal of Organic Chemistry in the special Issue "Antibiotic synthesis" (See this paper). Congrats to Dhanraju, Xinjian, and all (2018-1-24).

# In collaboration with Prof. Yvain Nicolet, our work on AprD4 mechanism has been published in JACS (See this paper). Congrats to Wan-Qiu and all (2018-1-5).

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# Our review paper on the super-antibiotic teixobactin  has been published in Chemistry-A European Journal (See this paper). Congrats to all (2017-12-12).

# In collaboration with Prof. Yu et al., our work on NosN catalysis has been accepted for publication in Nature CommunicationsCongrats to all (2017-6-29) .

# Our mechanistic study on the BlsE-catalyzed decarboxylation was accepted for  publication in Chemical Communications (See this paper)Congrats to all (2017-6-28). 

# Our work on Cypemycin biosynthetic engineering has been published in ACS Chemical Biology (See this paper)Congrats to Tianlu and all (2017-6-28) .

# Our work on NosN mechanistic study has been published in Chem Comm (See this paper). (2017-5-28) 

# Our recent work on NosN was reported by Celia H. Arnold in Chemical and Engineering News (C&EN). See this report(2017-2-12)

# Our recent work on mechanistic study of radical SAM methyltransferases received very positive evaluation and was selected as a VIP (very important paper) in Angewandte Chemie. Congrats to all! (2017-1-12)

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# In collaboration with Prof. Jiangtao Gao, our paper on theoretical investigation and model study of NosL  is now online in Chem Comm (See this paper). Congrats to Haocheng and Wenjuan! (2016-12-22)

# Our recent work on radical SAM-based addition reactions has been accepted for publication in Angewandte Chemie (See this paper). Congrats to Xinjian and Yongzhen! (2016-8-13)

# Our work on radical SAM-dependent amine dehydrogention  is now online in Chem Comm (See this paper). Congrats to all! (2016-7-30)

# In collaboration with Prof. Yi Yu, our paper on apramycin biosynthesis is now online in JACS (See this paper). Congrats to all! (2016-4-29)

# Our concept paper on cobalamine-dependent methyltransferases is now online in ChemBioChem, a European journal of chemical biology. (See this paper) (2016-4-27)

# Our work on phomopsin biosynthesis titled "Biosynthetic investigation of phomopsins revealed a widespread pathway for ribosomal natural products in Ascomycetes" has now been accepted for publication in PNAS (See this paper). Congrats to all! (2016-2-24)

# Our new NosL paper "Mechanistic Insights into the Radical S-adenosyl-l-methionine Enzyme NosL From a Substrate Analogue and the Shunt Products"is now online in Angewandte Chemie Website (See this report). Congrats to Xinjian, Youzhen and Youli. (2016-1-30)


# Xinjian and Yongzhen's paper titled"Substrate-Tuned Catalysis of the Radical S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine Enzyme NosL Involved in Nosiheptide Biosynthesis" was  published in Angewandte Chemie (See this report). Congrast! (2015-7-1)

#Wei and Yongzhen had a review paper published in ACS Chemical Biology. This paper discusses the growing examples where the intrinsic chemical properties of the substrates contribute to the stereoselectivity in enzymatic reactions.  See this report(2015-5-15)

# Qi’s recent genome mining paper was selected as the “Spot light Paper (Articles of Significant Interest)” in the latest issue of Applied and Environmental Microbiology. See this report(2015-5-1)

#Qi was featured in “Introducing our authors” in the latest issue of ACS Chemical Biology for his recent work on lanthipeptide combinatorial biosynthesis. See this report. (2015-1-3)